There’s always something that is to be learned through travel. Whether it be via car, plane, train, boat, bike…foot…with each inevitable roadblock there’s always room for a little tip here or there. Which is why every time I go somewhere, I always learn something new or helpful about the travel process.

Some may be old, and some may be new, but either way, here is a list of 5 seemingly small travel tips that I’ve learned to have big payoffs in ensuring a successful, stress-free trip. So read ahead and feel free to add your advice in the comments below.

1) Back it up. In the unlikely event of an emergency or accident, make physical and digital backups of important documents like your passport, visas, driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate. If you are traveling with your laptop, backup your files and photos to a hard drive before you leave.

2) Carry a scarf. Everywhere you go. Though a sarong would work as well, we also suggest a lightweight cotton scarf. Other uses? It can act as an eye mask, head wrap, fashion accessory. You can also use it as a makeshift handkerchief and towel ( try wetting it with cold water on hot days and tying it around your neck for instant relief!). The uses are endless on the road.

3) Get out from behind the camera. Yes, we take a lot of photos… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Everyone wants to capture memories. But just remember that traveling is not about “getting the shot.” Once you click, step back, put the camera down and relish in the view. Sometimes memory serves best.

4)Stay conscious of your health. We all love going into “vacation-mode” – because what’s a holiday if you’re not going to get fully immersed in the cuisine and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a cocktail (or two). However, we do suggest keeping your health in mind, especially if you’re traveling for a long period. Stay hydrated, get enough sleep, moisturize your skin, protect yourself from the sun, meditate (our favorite is the headspace app), take your vitamins – the list goes on, but your mind and body will thank you.

5) Pack light and make sure to check your measurements abroad.Kimonos from Japan, fine silks from India, it’s always a good idea to commemorate your trip with a souvenir, and we’re not talking about gimmicky key chains and cheap mugs. Some of the best goods you can buy are the wearables ones which are why we suggest packing light and picking up goods as you go along. Make sure to plan and save a clothing and shoe sizeconversion chart on your phone, but remember these charts should be used as guidelines rather than hard-set rules. Always try on clothing and shoes before you buy to ensure the proper fit.’


6) Bring coconut oil. We love an all-around multitasker, and it doesn’t get better than this all-natural saving grace. Pack a small container of organic coconut oil and use it as a face and skin moisturizer, lip balm and makeup remover. Also use on your dry spots, sunburns, and cuticles to keep them feeling nourished.


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